Both the pager and cell phone play important roles in business operations, but the pager has certain distinct advantages over the cell phone.

  • With a pager, messages are delivered quickly and timely. Delivery of text messages to a cell phone is often delayed especially when the phone is not in its home area.

  • The pager is for work. The phone is for personal use.

  • Pagers don’t interrupt or stop conversation like cell phones do. That’s why you see hospital personnel carrying pagers instead of cell phones.

  • Outfitting a large number of personnel, such as in a hospital, with pagers is much more cost effective than supplying the personnel with cell phones, which are much more expensive than a pager.

  • Pagers are much more durable than cell phones.

  • Monthly service fees for pagers are much lower than cell phones’ monthly payment plans.

  • If lost, pagers are much cheaper to replace than cell phones.